Printing via USB Port

3D Printing Via USB Port

The Balco 3D Printer can be connected directly to your PC via USB, use the included USB Cable and follow these steps below (Windows OS only)


IMPORTANT NOTE: When printing via USB, your PC must remain powered on and in a stable state throughout the duration of the print, if the PC powers off or crashes, it will prevent your print from completing.


1 - Ensure your 3D Printer is turned on by switching on the power switch located at the back of the Control Box


2 - Ensure you have installed CURA onto your PC. The Micro SD Card includes the CURA Software for installation.  Refer to the instructions in the Cocoon Create 3D Printer Manual pg 31, 6.1 for instructions on installing CURA Software


3 - Plug the Mini USB end of the included Cable to the Mini USB Port located on the side of the Control Box. Connect the other end of the USB Cable to one of your PC’s USB Port.


4 - In Windows, select Control Panel > Device Manager (refer to the instructions for your specific version of Windows if you are unsure how to do this)



5 - Select the drop down under PORT (COM & LPT); a new ‘USB Serial Port (COM)’ should be listed (eg: COM3, COM4)



NOTE: If unsure as to which COM Port relates to the 3D Printer, disconnect the USB Cable from either the 3D Printer or PC whilst the PORT (COM & LPT) option is expanded. The COM Port that disappears from the list is the 3D Printer Port.


6 - Open CURA on your PC. In CURA, under File > Machine Settings, under ‘Communication Settings’, change the Serial Port to the USB Serial Port on your PC; eg: COM3, COM4




NOTE:  Default settings will have Serial Port as AUTO


7 - The Baudrate below can be set as default ‘AUTO’


NOTE:  The Baudrate can be changed in the dropdown.  If ‘AUTO’ setting does not work for your PC, select 115200 and try printing via PC with this setting.


8 - Select ‘OK’ to change the settings. CURA will now display a ‘Print with USB’ icon instead of ‘Save to Micro SD’ at the top left corner of the display screen.



9 - Refer to the instructions in the Balco 3D Printer Manual on how to use the CURA software to setup your prints. When your file is ready to print on the 3D Printer, simply click on the icon ‘Print with USB’. Select ‘Connect’ and your file will commence uploading to the 3D Printer.  Simultaneously, the 3D Printer will preheat the Extruder Nozzle and Print Bed according to your file settings (refer to Balco 3D Printer manual for further details). Once preheating is complete, your file will start printing



On Windows machines it is recommended to set the power settings to "High Performance". This will also prevent the computer from putting the USB or COM ports into a sleep/low power mode in the middle of printing. 

Also, please make sure the USB cable is plugged into a port on the back of the PC or into a dedicated USB hub. Using USB port hubs that are on keyboard or monitors can be unreliable.


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